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First prize: Rs 11,111

Kunte chess Academy online tournament on 30th April, 2017 

Celebrating 10th anniversary


Date: Sunday, 30th of April 2017

Time: 6.00 p.m. IST 

Time control: 3+0, 11 rounds

Prize fund: Rs. 40,000

Venue: Playchess

Breaking: India No.3 Adhiban will take part!

India number three B.Adhiban has confirmed his participation!


The total prize fund is Rs.40,000


Main Prize list:

Place Prize
1st 11,111
2nd 7,500
3rd 5,000
4th 3,000
5th 2,000
6th 1,750
7th 1,500
8th 1,250
9th 1,100
10th 1,000
Special prizes:
There are six prizes of Rs. 800 each. The condition to claim these prizes is that you have to play all the rounds of the tournament, and cannot leave it half-way. 
Place Prize
20th 800
30th 800
40th 800
50th 800
60th 800
70th 800

Entry fee:

The entry fee to the tournament is Rs.400 if paid until 19th of April. After 19th April the entry fee would be Rs.500. In this fee you get one month of ChessBase Premium Account worth Rs.125. Before paying the entry fee of the tournament, please ensure that you have a valid Playchess id. You can create one here. The last date to pay entry is 29th of April 2017.

Once you have paid the entry fee, you will receive the one month serial key on the registered email address along with the procedure to extend your account.
All GMs, IMs and WGMs get free entry to our tournament. All you have to do is write a mail to us at along with your name, FIDE ID and the playchess ID. If you do not have a playchess ID please create it from here and share with us.
Entry fee for students of Kunte Chess Academy is Rs.250.


For registration queries contact:
Mr. Vishvesh Kochrekar - 9769872031 email:

The above number (9769872031) can also be used for payment of entry fee via paytm.

Tournament Rules:

  • All the games will be checked by the server engine and by a panel of experts and if any player is found guilty of cheating then the concerned player’s account will be suspended and will not be allowed to participate in any of the future playchess events. The prize in such case will move to the next rank.
  • The provisional standings will be displayed immediately after the end of the tournament but the final standings will be displayed within a week after all the games have been checked.
  • We request all the players to check your internet connection before the tournament. If poor internet connection is detected at the start of the tournament, then the concerned player will not be allowed to participate and the entry fee will be refunded after a minimal amount (around 3-5%) is deducted.
  •  The Tournament Director will hold the right to reject any entry and entry fee will be refunded (after a minimal amount of around 3-5% is deducted) if the entry is rejected at the start of the tournament. The decision of the Tournament Director will be final.
  • After the tournament has started and your internet is disconnected or you exit the playing room, you will not be paired for the next rounds and your entry fee will not be refunded.

How to play in the tournament?

1. Download the free windows software of playchess

Firstly you have to download the free native Windows software. You should go to and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Click on the Free Download button.

Login or create an account

After you have installed the Playchess client. You must login.

Enter your playchess username and password if you have one. (Note, for all the ChessBase Account Premium members, your login credentials will work). If you do not have a Username, you must click on "Create New Player Name" and create a new account. Alternatively you can also create it from here. This is free of cost and gives you free access to Playchess for a few days. After you pay the entry fee mentioned above you will be given one month serial key on your registered email address along with the steps to make your account premium.

The tournament will take place in the newly created Vishy Anand Arena in the ChessBase India room. Registered players should be online and logged into playchess at least 45 minutes before the start of the tournament to confirm your entries on 30th of April.

Click on the ‘Players’ Tab and then click on ‘Join Event’. The Sysop (Tournament Director) will accept your entry. This is subject to the payment of entry fees.

Note: The Playchess id while paying the entry fee and while entering the playing arena on 30th April, should be the same.

Official homepage of Kunte Chess Academy


Check out how the first ChessBase India prize money tournament was conducted.

Player's list:

Eight grandmasters have already confirmed their participation - Adhiban, Lalith Babu (defending champion), Vishnu Prasanna, Shyam Sundar, Abhijit Kunte, Magesh Chandran (who has settled in USA since quite some time now), Neelotpal Das and R.R. Laxman.

Here's the player's list:

Serial No. Name Playchess ID Fide rating
1 GM B.Adhiban   2661
2 GM Lalith Babu Anji 2571
3 GM Vishnu Prasanna Fidodido 2542
4 GM Shyam Sundar kereslover 2535
5 IM P Karthikeyan Chennaikramnik 2507
6 GM Debashis Das debashis das 2501
7 GM Magesh Chandran gmmagesh 2494
8 GM Abhijit Kunte   2491
9 IM Swayams Mishra Mr.bh6 2450
10 IM R. Praggnanandhaa rprag2005 2447
11 GM Neelotpal Das Mandrake 2438
12 IM Nihal Sarin Nihalsarin 2424
13 GM R.R. Laxman LAXMAN 2403
14 IM Abhishek Kelkar livestrong_6 2398
15 IM Akshat Khamparia   2342
16 Sai Krishna GV pennkrishna 2339
17 Sankalp gupta Junior tyson 2265
18 WIM R. Vaishali rvaishali2001 2259
19 Maheswaran Maheswara64 2254
20 Fenil Shah fenil_shah95 2252
21 Snehal Bhosale BurninggIce 2211
22 Mithil Ajgaonkar Mithil 2203
23 Balasubramaniam H Harishankkar 2189
24 IM Chakravarthi Reddy Chakravarthi 2189
25 Pranav V pranav_vip 2149
26 Kavitha JE jekavitha 2134
27 Likhit Chilukuri Jon Targaryen 2125
28 Joshi, Nikhil C. NikhilJoshi2 2103
29 Priyanka Nutakki Chess Queen 2084
30 L Mahendra Venkat LMVenkat 2064
31 Girish Chandanani sanjanachandanani 2040
32 Kushagra Mohan kingfisher99 2031
33 Dushyant sharma Dushu2930 2013
34 GOPAL ASHOK RATHOD chessworld36 2008
35 Sanjeet Manohar jimu9723 2007
36 Kotepalli Sai Nirupama saraswathii 1978
37 Kushager krishnater Kushager krishnater 1953
38 L R Srihari LSR 1922
39 sanchay dubey sanchay 1881
40 Sk Shahid Ahmed dnumber23 1862
41 Aashna Makhija Never say never 1858
42 Jay Pradhan jptheking 1840
43 Ambarish Sharma Unbeater 1808
44 Sunil Vaidya sunil vaidya 1736
45 Mohammed Shamil shamil 1609
46 Devanshi Rathi devanshirathi 1571
47 Atharva Jaeel atharvajaeel 1568
49 Abhinav Shetty ahs1992 1491
50 Harshit Amarnani Harshitamarnani 1218
51 S.Vikraanth Vikraanth 1022
52 Laxmikant Sudhakar Bhole bhole_laxmikant -
53 Purva Kulkarni purvachess -

Feedback for the first ChessBase India prize money tournament:

Great management....First time played a tmt with no problems...This was my first online tournament.....And had a great experience hope you all organise this type of tournaments quite frequently.....Would love to participate in your future tournaments

-Ambarish Sharma


Thank you. It was really a nice and enjoyable tournament. Hope in future also ... If this kind of tournament once in a month happen it will be brilliant... 
-Mithu Dey (on behalf of Shahil)

Although the tournament was organized well,I felt that that referee 1 was somehow inactive. Other than that everything was fine.

-Rahul Shrivatshav


The Fischer online blitz event on 12th March was organised in an exemplary manner. Hope we have more tournaments of this stature in future.

-GM R.R. Laxman
It was an awesome tournament. I look forward to playing more in such events.
-Snehal Bhosale
Thank you ChessBase India for arranging strongest online Fischer blitz event. I have played against high rated players including IMs and increased Playchess ELO from 1953 to 2008! There is nothing better than this a chess player can ask for. Seating at the home on perfect Sunday evening, sipping coffee and playing against famous players in India. Thank you so much for everything!
- Nikhil Joshi

I must congratulate ChessBase India for promoting events like this to encourage chess players on Online. Hope all the participants were able to enjoy playing this tournament without any glitch. The opportunity provided by ChessBase India is a welcome move.

- N.V.Nagesh (father of Badri Naryanan)


The tournament was very well conducted. I enjoyed playing the tournament. Maybe if possible next time you can use fide rating instead of the playchess rating as many new players started with low ratings. On the whole it was a very good tournament.
- Arjun Kalyan
Loved the tournament. Was fun playing against such a strong field without leaving the house. Everything went smoothly and there were no real problems once it began. The only issue I had was the 20 minute delay to start the round. But I guess it's OK since it's the first time. Overall, great experience and would definitely play again. Great work guys. 
P. S-The bonus prizes are a nice incentive for players like me. :P
-Likhit Chilukuri
The tournament was well organised. I had a blast playing in this tournament :) It was a good experience playing without time increment. 
-Aashna Makhija
Excellent start.  Hope to play more events like this in future.
With warm regards...
-Nihal Sarin
The tournament was organized pretty well.. I liked this concept of online blitz tournament. Thank you for organizing this event.
-Akhilesh Nagare
I was very fascinated to play in an online blitz tournament for the first time! I did not play my best but I hope that from the next time, I expect more online tournaments from my own country, Chessbase India! I like everything of this tournament! But one thing the time control was without any increment. It ruined the quality of some games. But I hope Chessbase India will look after it and I am already excited to play in the next online blitz tournament!
-Rajdeep Sarkar
Thank you for your hard work!. Everything is just perfect for me. 
-Priyanka Nutakki
It was a great initiative on the part of Chess base India. Hope you are able to do on a regular basis. It was a great opportunity n looking forward to many more.
-Hriday Bhuta